I love seasons, and in particular, I love to have four of them.  But apparently we are only having Summer this year in South-Central Texas.  Temperatures are projected to be back in the 100’s this week!  This is not the weather I remember from my childhood!  I remember coming camping down here twice every summer, and the nights were nice and cool, and the days were hot.  And the countryside was green!  Very green.  Now it’s mostly dead, yellow, or worse, charred.  Things are looking very apocalyptic around here.

This is making it difficult for me to transition into ‘Back-to-School’ mode, or into ‘Fall’, or to really want to do anything but sit under the vent and pray for snow!!  We did start school three weeks ago, and it’s going extremely well, but that’s another blog post. . .

So I am trying to find things to do that will keep my mind off of the seemingly eternal heat outside.  Things I enjoy and can do indoors, with the air-conditioning. Like quilting. I have really gotten into quilting, which has sort of surprised me.  Two years ago, when Abby and I first decided to take a quilting class together, I only agreed to do it to be supportive of her.  She had been raiding my scrap basket and creating quilts of her own, and I thought if she took an official class, it would help her with her technique, and maybe give her some new ideas.  Sort of supplement her God-given talent.

So, we signed up for a class, and in six weeks, we had both created lovely nine-patch quilts, and I really felt like she had grasped all the concepts and techniques much more readily than I had.  I remembered my granny always saying how young people just learn so much more quickly than older folks.  But what I didn’t count on was how the class would suck the fun right out of it for her.

The teacher was outstanding, but she was a stickler for perfection, and not accustomed to teaching children.  (Although Abby is not the typical child student, to be sure!)  She made it feel like if we didn’t create perfect works of art, with all of our points exactly ‘on’, then we had failed.  Or at least that was the impression Abby and I took away from it.  So, while we both learned some wonderful things, we just didn’t really want to use them!

Fast-forward two years.  I start thinking that maybe, just maybe, if I could make a quilt on my own, even if it wasn’t ‘perfect’, that maybe it would be more fun, and I could inspire Abby to start up again, too.  I have a pregnant friend (well, several, really!) and so thought making a quilt for the baby would be a great way to get started again.  So, we went to Jo-Anne Fabrics and I picked out some happy prints and got to work.  And Abby started paying attention, and next thing I knew, she had dug out all the beautiful fabric she’s purchased several months ago, and started cutting and piecing!  Yay!

So now, we are both quilting again.  And, I’m just going to warn you up front, our points are not all ‘on’, but we are quite satisfied and happy with our imperfections!  We are having fun, and that really is the main thing.  I am almost done with that baby quilt, and have a couple more I need to make.  (Okay, the truth is, I am practicing so that when I finally get the phone call that I will be a grandmother, I’ll be ready!!  I mean, really, it could come any time, right?)

Oh, and I would be seriously remiss if I didn’t mention that, because of my sustained and determined efforts, my wonderful and amazing husband bought a new sewing machine for me!  🙂  Well, not really a sewing ‘machine’, as the manual keeps reminding me, but a sewing ‘computer‘!  He bought a Bernina 440 QE!!!  Oh, yes. . . . I am soooo happy!!! Deliriously so!

This machine (er, computer) is a dream-machine!  It came with the Bernina three-sole walking foot, and with the amazing BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator)!  For those of you who aren’t obsessed with sewing and Bernina, let me explain.  The BSR is a groovy little attachment (‘foot’) that uses a laser (why does Dr. Evil come to mind when I get all excited about my sewing machine having a laser? LOL) to bring machine quilting to a whole new level!  Abby and I are both really excited about all the possibilities with this thing.

So, yes.  The new obsession around here is quilting, and as long as the weather outside remains unbearable, I don’t see this changing anytime soon.  (Except we will, of course, take a sewing detour during October to create a Halloween Costume or two. . .)



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