Dr. Ryan and Agent Gibbs

Our family loves NCIS.  My mother has a major crush on “Gibbs”, and I’m rather fond of “Ducky”.  Abby, of course, loves “Abby”.  And I think all of our guys really like “Ziva”! Last night, Jamie Lee Curtis guest starred, and I kept trying to figure out why that seemed so ‘right’ to me.

Abby immediately made the observation that “That lady looks just like Dr. Gregory!” This is true, my dear friend Joanne does bear a striking resemblance to Jamie Lee Curtis.  So, I explained to Abby that Jamie Lee was the mom in the movie “Freaky Friday”.

It wasn’t until I was laying in bed last night that it hit me: “Gibbs” (aka: Mark Harmon) was the guy Jamie Lee Curtis was engaged to marry in “Freaky Friday”!!  I was feeling like a total dunderhead for not making the connection sooner, until I mentioned it to Alex, and he was as surprised as I had been.  That made me feel a tiny bit better.

Anyway, it has no value in the grand scheme of, well, anything, but I thought it was worth mentioning!

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