I cannot help but think of the Princess Bride when I hear the word “mostly” used in front of any given word used for a state of being, but it works so well for this post, that I had to use it.  (For those of you who’ve not seen the Princess Bride, well, first of all, I’m sorry that you’ve never fully experienced life, and second, please go watch it now.  This post will wait!)

At any rate, we are now ‘mostly moved’.  By that, I mean that all of our big furniture items are in our new house, and all that’s left at the old house is the garage, and various odds and ends that didn’t get gathered up the first few times.

I loathe moving (doesn’t everybody?), but there are so many things about the new house that I love, it’s making it the best move we’ve made in years!  First of all, we all really feel at home in our new house.  It’s cozy, surrounded by freakishly tall Live Oak trees, on a tiny, hidden, shady neighborhood street in the middle of a very large, shady neighborhood.  Did I mention it was shady?  Maybe some pictures would help! (Thanks to Google for documenting every square inch of our planet??)

Aerial View

Front of House


There are lots of other things we love about the new house, as well.  First of all, it’s a lot bigger.  Almost 1000 sf bigger.  So that is very, very cool.  Here is a list of all the things we really like about the new house:

  • Double-Paned Windows
  • Carpet is a nice, neutral color (as opposed to worn out turquoise blueish-green)
  • Tile is properly installed, and not coming up off of the floor
  • Grout is solid, doesn’t turn to dust.  Thus, I can mop without creating mud!
  • Two AC/Heating units.  House doesn’t vibrate when AC kicks on.
  • 13 more kitchen cabinets! (That’s like a whole other kitchen, ya’ll!)
  • Linen Closet
  • Coat Closet
  • Master bedroom has a real door (as opposed to French Doors with Glass Windows.  Yeah. . . go figure.)
  • Bathroom has a door.  A real door.  With a locking doorknob. (as opposed to split doors, sort of like in a saloon, only floor-to-ceiling)
  • Closet has a door.  (See above.) This means I can hang a shoe caddy from it!!
  • Walk-in master closet that you can actually, ah, walk into.
  • Larger shower.
  • Raised bed in backyard, so I can grow tomatoes, etc.

I could probably go on, but you get the idea.  We all feel very much ‘at home’ here, even with boxes all over the place, and lots of stuff still missing.

And, yes, we will be having a Halloween Party again!! 😀



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