I am very happy to be in Manassas, Virginia, visiting my son and his wife.  Gaylon and I flew in yesterday to Baltimore, where Kendall picked us up and drove us to his apartment. I think it probably should have taken about forty-five minutes.   However, being in the Greater D.C. Metro area, it took two hours.  So, while I am, indeed, very happy to BE here, getting here was not the most fun. 😉  But I have to say, between having to get on an airplane (which I only do with Ativan. . . ) and the traffic here, I honestly think the flying was easier!  The things we do for loved ones, right?  It’s all worth it to get to spend time with Kendall and Lishi, and to get to see Anastasia (our old cat, who moved out with Kendall). Anastasia, for her part, seems very happy to see us, too.  She took a nap with me today, and I am now properly coated in white kitty fur!

I had hoped to get to see the National Christmas Tree while we were here, so I looked it up this morning. Unfortunately, it won’t be lit until next Thursday, and we leave Tuesday.  At first, I was sort of bummed about that, but when I read that Neil Patrick Harris would be hosting this event, I decided that I probably would’ve passed, anyway.  He is the perfect antithesis of Christmas, so it is beyond me why they would choose someone like him for this job.  Clearly, honoring Jesus is not only far from their minds, I don’t think it’s even on their list!

Anyway, having eliminated that item from my list, I think we’re going to visit the National Basilica, the battlefield at Bull Run, and a hookah bar or two. Kendall has promised to make steak for me for my birthday, and I think he and Gaylon are going to go pick out a Christmas tree, either tonight or tomorrow sometime.

I would love to come back and spend a week or two rummaging through the National Archives, but for now, I am very happy to just be here with my son and his wife, whether we actually do anything ‘official’ or not.  Just being here is a great start to my Advent/Christmas season, which promises to get even merrier as we go along, since Kendall and Lishi will be joining us in Austin this year for Christmas!

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