Well, like I said yesterday, I’ve been thinking a lot about Christmas lately, and in doing so, I’ve gotten, well, nostalgic.  (My kids would probably say ‘sappy’ and ‘weird’ are more accurate, but I prefer ‘nostalgic’, okay?!) I’ve also been doing a lot of Cross-stitching, which I really like to do while watching movies.  Ergo, I’ve been watching a lot of movies.

I am indescribably sick of movies with explosions and gratuitous sex or gore.  So I decided to give the Hallmark Channel a go, which has turned out to be a pretty good pick, since Abby seems to really like it, too, and she comes down and watches it with me.  Now, the Hallmark Channel apparently does this massive Holiday Movie blitz in December. So we have gotten to see some really sweet shows.  But we have also gotten to see some phenomenally BAD shows, too. Of course, we watch other channels, as well, so we’ve seen lots of Christmas movies so far this year.

I don’t really know the names of most of them, whether I liked them or not. What I have learned is that there are a freakish amount of Christmas movies out there!  And I have come to the conclusion that, for the most part, I really don’t care for the ones about Santa Claus and/or his elves.  In particular, I can’t stand the movie “Elf” with Will Farrell. (Sorry, Becky!) But I didn’t like “Prancer”, either, in spite of the fact that I really love Sam Elliott.  I tend to prefer the ones about people who are somehow turned around by the true meaning of Christmas. But, the other conclusion I’ve come to is that I would still rather watch a really bad, B-rated Christmas movie than watch another movie with explosions!

Which brings me to today’s question: What are your favorite Christmas movies? Here are my top five, in order:

1. A Charlie Brown Christmas. Seriously, it just doesn’t get any better for me than this. I always remember watching it with my dear friend, Maureen, on one of our birthdays when we were growing up. (We didn’t have cable, and had to actually watch it when it was broadcast!!  Always sponsored by Dolly Madison. . . funny what you remember!)
2.  Christmas Vacation. Okay, it’s crass, but I totally get Clark Griswold!  I think there’s a part of him in each of us!
3. A Christmas Story.  Even my dad remembered wanting a Red Ryder BB Gun! I *love* this movie!!
4.  The Muppet Christmas Carol.  I have really sweet memories of watching this with my kids. And, yes, I am a huge fan of Miss Piggy. 😉
5.  It’s A Wonderful Life.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  Everybody is sick of this movie.  But it’s still a timeless classic with an awesome message, and, as cliche as it is, I still love it. If it matters to you, I prefer the original, with Jimmy Stewart.

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