No, this is not another recipe!  It’s about those last few days before Christmas, when, no matter how hard I try, I always start to feel like the walls are closing in on me! This is the time when my daily devotions start to unravel, and when I realize that there are three or four really important people that I’ve somehow forgotten to buy presents for!

This year, I was very proud of myself for getting our newsletters out early.  I also didn’t freak out when it took a week to finish decorating. My problem is that I’ve been spending every spare second working (frantically) to try and finish a very special Christmas present, and so I’ve let a lot of other things fall by the wayside.

But! Tomorrow morning, Abby and I are headed to the airport to pick Kendall and Lishi up, and so at that point, I have to just let go!  I still have a few packages to mail, and a couple of gifts left to purchase, but I think it will all come together.  And, if it doesn’t, I have a pretty good feeling that everything is still going to be okay!

San Antonio Riverwalk

San Antonio Riverwalk

I am trying to focus on the fun we’re going to have while they are here!  Tomorrow night, we are going to see “The Hobbit”, and I am just so thrilled that we are getting to see it while we are all together!  (I only wish my sweet friend, Angela, and her daughters, could be with us, like they were for the LOTR Trilogy!  I love you, Angela!!!)

Friday, we are going to have special foods and decorate the “Family Tree”.  We will also watch Christmas Vacation. I seriously cannot wait! This will be the night I start baking and making candy, too. 😀  Saturday we are going to the Vigil Mass, then we will probably go down to Zilker Park for the Trail of Lights. Then, on Sunday, we are headed down to San Antonio to go to the Riverwalk.  Lishi has only been to Austin, so we are broadening her Texas horizons, ever so slightly! Monday, we will, of course, be cooking, and will celebrate Wigilia, topped off with the Pasterka, or Shepherd’s Mass at Midnight.  Christmas day we are going to relax, and then head over to some friends’ for their annual Christmas Party.

Anyway, sorry I skipped a couple of days. . . did I mention I was feeling crunched? 😉

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