Flavitsky "Christian Martyrs In Colosseum"

Flavitsky “Christian Martyrs In Colosseum”

A lot of things surprise me.  In fact, the older I get, the more things I feel like I simply do not understand.  For example: yesterday, I was browsing the fabric selection at a local store, and ran across a woman who, seemingly, was doing the same.  I needed to get by her, and so I smiled my brightest, most polite smile, said “Excuse me,” and waited for her to move. Or smile. Or something.  But no. . . she just glared at me, much like one might glare at an annoying stray dog. So I tried even harder to smile, thinking maybe she just needed someone to be friendly to her, and her mood might improve.  But, again, no.  She wasn’t having it, and so I ended up maneuvering my cart around her and hoping I wouldn’t run across her again. (I didn’t.)

I am surprised by the viciousness of politics in our country nowadays.  I have lots of opinions of the way things should be, but I do not expect everyone to agree with me.  And I certainly do not start name-calling and labeling those who disagree with my point of view.  I think it’s ridiculous to call someone a ‘hater’ because they disagree with you!  Seriously?  That’s such a childish mentality!  It reminds me of the guys who, when rejected by a girl at a bar or party, immediately conclude that she’s a lesbian!  That just doesn’t make any sense! Just because a girl isn’t attracted to a guy doesn’t inherently mean there is anything wrong with either of them!

And, I’m surprised (although, at this point, I suppose I really shouldn’t be) at the ridiculous and perverse antics of the pro-gay activists up in Washington, D.C.  Does dressing in drag and harassing children really make the point that the GLBT groups really deserve marriage equality?  I think it makes them all look like freaks that just want their 15 minutes of fame, and it really makes me question if they are serious about their “rights”, or if they just want to put on some sort of freak show!  What if “straight” people ran up to folks marching in a gay pride parade and started making out or having sex right there in front of them? No way would that fly!! To say that these two groups have different definitions of marriage doesn’t even begin to define their differences!

But I am not surprised at all by how much the attacks have escalated against the Catholic Church.  There has always been someone who was ticked off at God or the Church about something (or everything!). And since today, it’s almost mandatory to have a chip on one’s shoulder, that’s an easy one to take on.  The Church has stood tall and strong for many centuries on certain points, and she is not giving any indication of changing her mind now.

It would make sense to me for those who oppose her teachings to be unhappy with her, but that’s not enough for them.  Apparently, they feel some sort of guilt or shame over what they are doing, so they need to attack the Church in some feeble attempt to discredit her.  But here is where I feel baffled: if they think the Church is so wrong, or corrupt, or whatever, then why do they focus so much energy on it?

I have a theory about that. I think it’s because they know, somewhere deep inside, that the Church is right! Consider this: satanists do not have “Black Altar Calls” or “Black Tent Revivals”.  They have “Black Masses“. They do not bother to steal the communion crackers from non-Catholic churches, because there is no power in them.  They try to steal them from Catholic churches, because those communion wafers, those consecrated hosts, are the transubstantiated body and blood of Jesus Christ, himself. They want to mock what is real, what has true power!

So, it’s no surprise to me that people want to discredit the Catholic Church.  That they want to bring her down to their base and perverse level. And, it’s nothing new.  Christians have been persecuted since the beginning.  Starting with, of course, Jesus himself!

This has all been on my mind lately for a few reasons, but I can attribute most of it to some billboards that the American Atheists are running attacking the Catholic Church. Why a group who doesn’t even believe in God cares so much that they would spend in excess of $6,000.00 per billboard to attack Him is beyond me.  Wouldn’t that be their equivalent of Don Quixote fighting windmills?  They are railing against a “fairy tale”!  WHY??? I think, again, it’s because they know, deep down, that they’re wrong.

At any rate, I do not think that things are going to get any better, or easier, for Christians of any denomination in the days to come. Already our own government, the last bastion of freedom in the western world, is trying to force Christians to violate their own consciences with healthcare clauses and laws.  Christians are being labeled as ‘hate groups’ for being pro-life! That simply does NOT make any sense. At all! It’s irony in its worst form! And, while other groups are lauded for standing up for their rights and beliefs, anyone standing up for Christian rights and beliefs is a ‘hater’ or ‘bigot’! Nobody would dare to challenge a Muslim for facing east and praying to Allah!!! “Tolerance” is the buzzword of the hour, and yet those who actually preach mercy and forgiveness are the least “tolerated”.

No, none of  it makes sense to me, but then, that’s really no surprise, is it?


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