Close the city and tell the people
That something’s coming to call
Death and darkness are rushing forward
To stamp light from the wall!

Oh! You’ve nothing to say
They’ll drag you away!
If you listen to fools,
The mob rules, the mob rules

~Black Sabbath~

After last week’s debacle at our State Capital over the abortion bill SB5, I have a few thoughts to share.  When an unruly mob is allowed to scream and yell to the point that legislators cannot vote, due to the deafening racket being made in the gallery, then certainly, Mob Rules have come into play.  How can the pro-abortion groups actually feel like they won anything, when all they did was delay a vote by rude and uncivilized behavior? They clearly knew that SB5 would pass, otherwise they wouldn’t have stooped to such desperate measures! This is not democracy! This was a mob!  And a misinformed one, at that!  But then that is generally the case.  If they actually understood the bill, I can’t imagine them being opposed to it.

I am 100% PRO-LIFE.  I always have been. And it doesn’t have anything to do with religion.  My college Biology book defined life as ‘two or more cells that take in fuel from their environment and put out waste.’ I do not care how you slice it, at the moment of conception, those two cells fit that definition. Period. So, to have an abortion is to kill a baby.  A HUMAN. A real, live PERSON.  Not a fetus.  Not a mass of cells. And that is murder, which last time I checked, is something everyone pretty much agrees is unacceptable.

So. Now that I’ve established that I am PRO-LIFE, let me say why I think SB5 is a good idea.  If I was, for some inconceivable reason, selfish enough to think killing my baby was what I wanted to do, I’d want to do it safely.  I’d want to make sure that the facility where I went was up to the finest standards available.  Because, after all, it would be all about ME, and to hell with that pesky little clump of cells inside me!  So going to some dirty, much-less-than-sterile Planned Parenthood office or some private practitioner, might cause ME to get an infection, or more inconvenient still, cause ME to DIE!  God forbid!! SB5 would ensure that the only facilities and practitioners available to help me kill my tiny, defenseless baby are state-of-the-art, and all but guaranteed to protect me. It would protect me from monsters like Kermit Gosnell and his Clinic of Horrors.  And, after all, wouldn’t that be the point?

But no. The relentless selfishness and belligerence of the pro-abortion camp prevailed.  They yelled and screamed and Tweeted and Facebooked until we were all quite blue in the face! (And blue is the color of the PRO-LIFE group!!) I followed the tweets that night, and hedonism was the religion du noir!  Over and over I read tweets along the lines of “#standwithwendy I don’t want some old GOP (or white) guy telling me what to do with my vagina!”

Puh-leeze.  It is so totally NOT about anybody’s vagina!! Or their fertility.  DON’T FLATTER YOURSELVES!!!  It’s not about your vagina! It’s about your BABY’S LIFE!!!!

I wish I could think on my feet like Alex does.  I told him “Yeah, they’re tweeting that they don’t want some old white guy telling them what to do with their vaginas. How dumb is that?”  He responded with “No. They would rather have some young drunk guy tell them what to do with their vaginas!” Wow.  He’s totally right!

Or, the other main train of thought seemed to go along with the idea that religion shouldn’t be involved.  That nobody’s religion should tell them what to do with their vaginas. (Seriously?  They are so against men thinking with their penises, and yet they’re flashing their stuff all over Twitter and Facebook!! Their hypocrisy is dizzying!) But back to the argument against religion. Please note that I didn’t mention my religion when I stated why I am PRO-LIFE.  Because I know that a people who doesn’t believe in God, or sin, or (obviously) personal accountability, won’t hear my religious arguments.  But yeah. My religion is very much PRO-LIFE.  I am, after all, Roman Catholic.  But I don’t vote with my Bible, or my vagina.  I vote with my rational, thinking, MIND, based on scientific evidence and fact.

So. . . to sum up: If the pro-abort groups want to be taken seriously by rational, thinking, CIVILIZED people, they need to behave themselves like grown-ups. And in case anyone wants to use some of my thoughts for signs, please feel free.  I’m repeating a couple of the more sign-worthy ones here:

DON’T FLATTER YOURSELVES!!!  It’s not about your vagina! It’s about your BABY’S LIFE!!!!


I don’t vote with my Bible, or my vagina.  I vote with my rational, thinking, MIND, based on scientific evidence and fact.


Why let some old white guy tell you what to do with your vagina, when lots of young drunk guys would be happy provide that input?

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