vintage sewing machineI’ve mentioned before that my domestic skills are quite a hit here in the city.  Skills such as sewing, quilting, home canning and crochet.  If I had more sunlight in my backyard, I would add herb and vegetable gardening to my list of eccentric behaviors!

I have now had quite a few of my fellow homeschool moms tell me that I should offer classes.  (One of them even called me a “Pioneer Woman”, LOL!) I have often heard that if one person tells you something, you can blow it off, if two people tell you something, you might want to consider it, and if three or more people tell you the same thing, you better give it serious thought.  I have had over 10 people tell me that I should teach sewing classes! So I have decided that I should give it a go. And Abby has said that she would very much like to help teach the sewing/quilting classes.

I’ve been doing some research online, but what I really need to know is: what does my homeschool community want?  Are they even interested? Really interested?  After all, it’s one thing to say “Oh, you should teach sewing/quilting/home canning/crochet classes! My kids would love that!”  But it’s another thing, altogether, to actually sign those kids up and show up week after week.  And, the next logical question, at least in my mind, is: Do they want to do it all year long, like piano or art? Or would they prefer to just do it in short bursts, such as a four week class where each student sews a skirt or pillowcase or the like?

Ideally, I would like to start teaching classes here in September, and teach them throughout the school year, ending in May, with a fashion show or quilt show (or both, depending on the response I get). I could also offer some classes that only ran for 4 to 6 weeks, where we focus on a particular project, and finish it by the end of the last class. I am thinking home canning classes would be more of a one-time class.

Ergo, I have created a survey, and am really hoping that, if you are interested in learning to how to sew, crochet, quilt, or do home canning, you will take a few moments to take the survey, and let me know exactly how interested you are!

And while I’m asking for input. . . . I’ve also had a substantial amount of folks asking me to please hang out my midwifery shingle again.  What do you think? Should I go back to attending home births?  If so, I think I would need to start all over, because it’s been so long since I’ve been to a birth, and it would take a couple of years before I could get licensed here in Texas.  Please leave a comment below, or email me privately, if you have input about this option.  Thank you so much!

And, without further ado, here is the promised survey:



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