Alex moved out just over two weeks ago. Today he came by the house and gathered up a little bit more of his stuff to take over to his new apartment. He has a new job that he is very excited about, he’s started his 3rd semester of classes at Austin Community College, and is considering trying out some of the local Open Mic Nights here in town. In short, he’s grown up.

I knew he would, eventually.  After all, that was the goal! To raise our children to become responsible adults who would go out and live their own lives. So why am I so sad when it happens?  I look in his closet, which used to be just teeming with all of his stuff, and it seems so. . . empty.  There is plenty of evidence that Alex was here, not the least of which is a Storm Trooper Helmet and three Nutcrackers. Star Wars and Ballet. Yep. That’s my boy!

I have to give him credit. He has made the extra effort to call and come by to see us.  He even called Gaylon and invited him over to watch a movie while I was in Boston. I remember inviting my dad to come to my first apartment. I guess it’s a rite of passage. 🙂

Gaylon and I are slowly relocating our home office into Alex’s old bedroom. In fact, I am typing this blog post where his Roland Keyboard used to sit. I’m glad for his success. I’m happy that he is making such a good start of things. I just need to not look at that closet again for a little while, I think.

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