I am constantly reminded about the absurdity of holiday political correctness. (I’ve talked about it before here.) The truth of the matter, at least as far as I can tell, is that it’s not so much about not offending non-Christians, as it is a thinly veiled hatred of all things Christian (and, by extension, Christians themselves!).

Now, I am the first to admit that Christians have brought a lot of this on ourselves, by being narrow-minded or simply stupidly rude to others. Being paranoid and ignorant doesn’t help, either.  Like when people got all freaked out over an “article” about J.K. Rowling in The Onion.  If all those who freaked out and were so ready to believe the worst about Ms. Rowling had bothered to check their sources, they would have discovered that The Onion is a satirical rag, with the same standards for truthful reporting as Mad Magazine. And we get a lot of bad PR from folks who like to loudly proclaim that they are Christians, when, in fact, they are anything but. (Westboro “Baptist” Church comes to mind…).

So let’s get real. There are so many things wrong with the ‘war on Christmas’ on so many levels. First of all, when I was growing up, the generic greeting of “Happy Holidays” was understood by all to mean “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” Now, if you say “Happy Holidays”, it is interpreted to mean “I am a Solstice-Celebrating-Crystal-Waving-Dance-Naked-In-The-Woods-Christian-Hater”!!

Puh-leeze!! Can we give the benefit of the doubt here? Perhaps, like me, someone just was being friendly, and they have no ill-will toward Christmas (or Christians) whatsoever! Or, maybe they’re Jewish, and they want to extend some sort of warm fuzzy Hanukkah vibe along with Christmas/New Year greetings.

In fact, my Jewish friends all celebrate Christmas! They don’t find it offensive at all. Anymore than I find Hanukkah offensive. Well, except for that thing where they got gifts for eight nights as kids, and I only got gifts for one day. But I’m willing to put aside denominational differences as long as I still get some fudge. Or pralines.

But by now you’re probably wondering why I mentioned Texas in the title of this post. I’m so glad you asked! I am PROUD to live in Texas. (Yeah, we pretty much are all that arrogant, but it’s totally based in reality. Texas really is that awesome!;)) And this Christmas season, I am especially proud, because the Texas legislature actually passed a law that says it’s LEGALLY OK for kids and/or teachers at public schools to not only acknowledge Christmas or Hanukkah but they can even (gasp!) wear red and/or green to school for a “Holiday” Party!  Here is the website. It’s such a simple, but amazingly wonderful idea!

So, as my son Kendall likes to say this time of year: “Happy Christmahanakwanzika!”


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