So I finally carved out time to actually do the “cool” thing and go to a coffee house and work on my blog. No go. I got to Thunderbird Coffee, no problemo. Got an iced chai. It was not bad. I got a nice (albeit freezing!!) table in the corner, and set up shop. And that is where my blog totally failed me. I tried to log in, but it gave me a “403 Access Denied” message. What. Last time I tried to work on my blog it locked me out. The freaking security features I added a couple of months ago seem to be the problem. Or at least they were last time, and I’m hoping this will be an easy fix this time, too.

I’m hoping, that is, that I will go home, log into my home network, and all will be well. If not, I’m going to seriously consider getting another hosting service.

I’ve used Bluehost since 2007, and have had relatively few issues with them. For the most part, their customer support has been very helpful. But this is getting ridiculous. So, for now, I’m typing this out on my trusty word processing program, and will upload it as soon as I get the chance.

I had this idea that I would blog more this year. That my blog posts would be more focused, and maybe even more meaningful. And certainly more frequent! I don’t think I have much of a readership other than my faithful cousin, Russell. (Hi, Russell!) But my stupid blog has even locked him out of leaving me comments, so I need to look into that, too.

At any rate, I thought that the actual discipline of writing regularly would be a good thing for me. And as noisy as this coffee shop is (and God help me, they’re playing disco!!!) it is a lot better than my office. Because nobody here knows me or wants anything from me. Most of them are talking, lost in their own little worlds, much as I am in mine, and there are a good number of us who are immersed in our computers. But not a single person here wants me to get up and open the door to let the cat out, or wants to come over to my table and begin a conversation with “Sorry to bother you. . .” or “I just have this one thing. . .” like my mother ALWAYS does. No matter what, if I’m in my office, she just cannot help herself, and she MUST come in. To tell me she’s going to the mailbox or something of great import along those lines. Bless her heart! (Yeah. . . I’m Southern. . . )

So, perhaps I should make good on my threat to run away once or twice a week and come to a coffee house or a library somewhere and write. It would probably be very good for me. However, I think when the weather warms up, I’m going to do a little genealogy research. Or write that breakout novel. . . who knows what amazing things might happen if I have some ‘alone’ time!

(Note: Sure enough. I got home and it logged right in. I’m gonna guess it has something to do with the fact that I was trying to log in from somewhere other than my home? Grr. . .)

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