Today has been a very bad day. But it started 48 hours ago, when our 11 year old, half deaf and half blind Pekingese bit one of Abby’s friends. Abby’s friend bent down to give Bonnie a kiss, while she was asleep. When she felt someone near her head, it startled her, and she nipped at the girl. With the very few teeth our little dog has left, she managed to puncture her admirer twice, under her lip. As face wounds tend to do, it bled a lot. We were all really horrified that Bonnie would do such a thing, but glad that it hadn’t been worse. We bandaged the girl up, and she went home. Her mom, who had been the victim of a nasty dog bite as a very small child, was pretty freaked out, and took her daughter to the ER for stitches. However, they reassured her (and she reassured me, via text) that her daughter was fine, and didn’t need stitches. I was happy to hear all was well, and thought the crisis had ended. It had only just begun.

Sassy PuppyThis morning I got a phone call from the Williamson County Animal Control, telling me that my dog must now be quarantined! For 10 days! It doesn’t matter to the powers-that-be in WILCO that my little dog is current on all her shots, or that it wasn’t really her fault, or that she is a ‘first offender’.  Or that, in the state of Texas, home quarantine is allowed under such circumstances. Nope. In Williamson County, they demand the worst possible penalty for any infraction, no matter how small.

Williamson County is known for being over the top about ‘law enforcement’. They pulled my younger son over, multiple times, for various offenses, such as a headlight that wasn’t “bright enough”. They handcuffed him and searched his car, only to find. . . . nothing. Repeatedly. Because he had long hair and a clunker of a car. He was sober and not holding. But they were determined to find a reason to arrest him! In their Nazi-like frenzy to “protect and to serve”, they gave him a very low opinion of law enforcement. In fact, they provided him many reasons to mistrust and dislike them. Apparently this crazed level of law extends to sweet little dogs, too.

So, just so everyone knows: if your dog happens to bite someone, for any reason, they are guilty. They will be quarantined, and it doesn’t matter what the particular circumstances happened to be. My dog was asleep on our couch in our living room. She hardly went out and attacked someone!! She was merely startled in her sleep and nipped at whatever/whoever had startled her. She actually loves the poor girl who was trying to kiss her! But now she will be registered as a “vicious animal” for the rest of her life. In fact, this could prevent us from ever being able to rent another home. I am not one to whine about anything, but seriously. This is so unfair!!!

I cannot express how angry I am about this stupid law! And how absolutely devastated I am that I have to take my innocent, loving little pet to a cold quarantine, where she will be alone, not understanding what she did wrong or why this is happening to her. And, just to be clear: I am not angry with Abby’s friend’s mom. She did what she thought was right, and had NO IDEA that any of this would happen. She was so distressed when she found out, that she called her state representative to see if he could do anything to change this, and she called me and offered to pay for Bonnie’s imprisonment. But apparently there’s nothing that can be done.

I know it sounds crazy, but please pray for my little dog. I’m honestly worried that this stress will be the end of her. She suffers from anxiety, and this may be more than she can bear. 😢

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