I am Valarie, and I have been married to my wonderful husband, Gaylon, for twenty-four years! We have three awesome kids.  Our oldest son, Kendall, lives with his wife, Alicia, in North Carolina.  Alex and Faith live with us here in Texas.  They are amazing, and without a doubt, they are my heroes!  We are very blessed to have my mom, April, living with us. She is a great blessing in all of our lives, and we love having her here. We have one small Pekingese named Bonnie and two cats: Pippin and Stella.  We also have Waldo Pepper, my mom’s cat, but he wanders around outside, and we don’t see him much, and Zeva, Gaylon’s ‘ranch cat’, who also stays outside!

I love to travel and spend time with old friends. I love to cook, crochet, research my genealogy, scrapbook, and watch NCIS, X-Files or M*A*S*H. I enjoy cool Autumn nights, Summer Lightning Bugs and Spring Thunderstorms. I love my cats, and cannot imagine life without them. 🙂 I write some poetry, and some short stories. Nothing paradigm shifting. I love being Catholic. I’m easy to get along with, hard to offend, and loyal to the bitter end. My children are my heroes.

Family Christmas Picture, 2008

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