Our family has been so busy already that it is difficult for me to believe that we are just now starting the “busiest” time of the year! So, let me catch up with everyone a bit with what’s going on in our world.

Back in October, Biltmore Farms Homes laid even more people off, and Gaylon was among them. It didn’t take long to realize that in Western North Carolina, there are no jobs here to be had, at least in anything that’s even remotely related to the construction business. We started praying, and trying to figure out what we should do.

So this past week, Gaylon flew out to Texas to meet with his nephew, James, who took over Gaylon’s dad’s business after he died.  James had a Project Estimator position he had been needing to fill, and offered it to Gaylon, and Gaylon accepted.  We are very excited that Gaylon is going to have a good job, making good money, doing something that he enjoys.  We are thrilled that we will be in closer contact with family, both his and mine.  The only thing we aren’t nuts about is that it is located just outside of Abilene.  None of us wants to live in West Texas.  We love the people there, just not the landscape.  I hated growing up out there and used to fantasize about what it would be like to grow up somewhere with trees!

Riverwalk - San Antonio, Texas

So, we are moving to San Antonio!  Yes, I know it’s hot there, and yes, I can speak Spanish. 😉 And yes, we all are aware that it is four hours south of Abilene.  Gaylon plans to commute on weekends, and possibly do some telecommuting.   We love south Texas, and we have even more family and friends down there. (And as my friend, Joanne, immediately observed, Texas is a “red state”!) Mom is thrilled, and will be moving with us.  All we have to do now is sell our house here in North Carolina.  As soon as that happens, we’re headed west!

Now, I would be terribly remiss if I didn’t say how very much we are going to miss our friends here in North Carolina.  How much we are going to miss our home, and these heavenly mountains.  To be brutally honest, I never wanted to leave this area.  I love it here, like I have loved no other place I have ever been.  And I love my friends here even more.  Without question, the hardest part of all of this is that Kendall will not be moving with us.  He is really enjoying UNC-A, and this is his home.  This is where he grew up, and all of his friends are here.  Most significantly, his girlfriend is here!  So, it’s not like I won’t be back to North Carolina on a regular basis.

Alexander will miss his friends, too, but he smells an adventure, and is very excited about it.  Faith is already grieving, but is hopeful (and so am I) that some of her friends will be able to come out to visit us.  I know this will be really tough on her.  However, her attitude is good, and she is being very accepting and understanding.  God has given me a peace about all of this, and although I know it’s going to be amazingly difficult, He will take care of all of us.

In other news. . . Gaylon and I celebrated 22 years of marriage last Saturday!  We didn’t do a whole lot, but we did go to Mass as a family, and the Mass was said for our intentions.  I couldn’t think of a better time for a Mass to be said for our family!  Then we all went out to dinner.  The only hiccup in the entire evening was when we found out that Carrabba’s no longer serves Tiramisu!!!  Wow. . . what a huge disappointment.  Other than that, the evening was wonderful.

Alex finished his stint with the Orphan Train on Sunday.  The play was a HUGE success, drawing sellout crowds and standing ovations every time.  Fortunately, somebody video recorded it, so we will have it on DVD!

Well, today is Thanksgiving, and I do have a meal to prepare.  I will say this, though.  This year, more so than in many, many, many years, our family has so very much to be thankful for.  In spite of the constant stream of discouraging and downright bad news from the media, I can see God’s hand so clearly in our lives, and feel His guidance and protection more now than ever before, I think.  Thanks be to God!

So last Saturday evening was spent waiting in a room at the Flat Rock Playhouse YouTheatre while Alex auditioned for a role in their upcoming production “The Orphan Train”.  We spent three hours there altogether, and Alex had to sing sixteen bars of a song (he chose “Piano Man” by Billy Joel and sang the chorus), then he had to get together with a group of 19 other kids and “do some movement”, which basically meant they were shown some dance steps and then had to dance. We could hear the music out where we were sitting; I was afraid the old wartime tune “Over There” would be echoing through my head for days after that!  Then finally, he was called in to read a part.

He felt good about it when we left, and the two of us had a nice dinner at Umi, which is a really nice Japanese restaurant in Hendersonville.  He got a ‘call-back’ on Sunday, and went back last night to do more reading.  They had him read from every male role!

And today, we finally got the news:  Alex was offered the role of “Harvey”, one of the orphan kids.  He’s excited, and so am I.  The Flat Rock Playhouse is rated one of the best community theatres in the nation, and their “YouTheatre” is top-notch!  The play will hit the stage November 14th – 23rd.  I’ve seen a lot of their performances in the past, so I know this will be excellent!  I am so happy for Alex. 🙂

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