Amber and Victoria are sick again, and so is Alex now.  I am hoping it will all go away soon.  I have still been working on my website. . . always something new to learn!

Gaylon fell prey to an online web scam today.  He got an email saying there had been ‘unusual activity’ with our account at our bank, and it looked really legit, so he clicked the link and gave them his debit card account number and PIN!  Luckily, he told me right away what he had done, so I was able to call the bank within minutes and get them to freeze his debit card and issue a new one.  But it could have been really bad.  Sooo. . . beware!  These guys are tricky.

Anyway, I just wanted to write something.  Maybe someday someone will read this and be interested, LOL.

Also, a friend sent me an online quiz that I thought was sort of fun.  I scored 86% Southern.  Here is the link:

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