Amber is feeling better, but Victoria spent most of the day crying and demanding to be held.  And now, Lisa called me a little bit ago to tell me she was bringing Faith home, because Faith is sick now!  Faith has been doing great, and was thrilled to get to spend the day over at Anamarie’s house (where nobody is sick, and there are not any crying babies LOL) But about an hour ago she started coughing and that hurt, and she told Lisa her throat hurt really bad.  By the time Lisa got her home (and she got her here right away) she was running a 102.4 fever!  Poor little thing!

I am really desperate to start feeling better again.  Not just me, but ALL of us.  It’s really getting ridiculous.  Gaylon seems to be feeling a bit better, which is good, because he’s got lots of work to finish.

I am soooooo ready for summer time!  I need some warm weather and flowers!!!

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