A lot of people have emailed and asked who Amber and Victoria are.  Well, Amber is Gaylon’s niece, and Victoria is her one-year-old daughter.  They moved in with us right after Thanksgiving.  Amber is 25 years old, and she has two sons who live with her ex down in Florida.  One of the main reasons she moved out here from Midland, TX, was so she could be closer to her boys.

Our basement creature, Michael, is moving out on the 15th of March, and Amber will be moving in down there.  She and Victoria have been living in Faith’s room, and Faith has been bunking with Alex.  That was his idea.  I think he felt sorry for Faith having to share a room with a baby! LOL

And no, I’m no saint.  My favorite fantasty is that I will wake up some morning to find myself alone on a desserted tropical island. (One that is NOT in the Bahamas!!!!)  Amber is great with helping out with the housework, kids, buying groceries, etc.  And of course, it is really wonderful to have another member of the female species living in the house.  I was drowning in testosterone!  It just gets a little difficult to find private, quiet time for myself these days.

Anyway, I hope that explains who Amber and Victoria are!  We are all feeling better today, although I am still not up to speed yet.  I am hoping that I will feel well enough by tomorrow morning to make it to church. (I suspect they may not even recognize me, I’ve been home sick myself or tending to sick people for so long!)  I also promised to take Kendall and his girlfriend to a concert tomorrow night down in Greenville.  We bought the tickets over two months ago. . . hope we make it!

Well, I think that’s it for now.  Gaylon’s about to start grilling steaks, so dinner is imminent!

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