Well, I am feeling a lot better, so got a lot accomplished today.  I got all 3 kids sceduled for their end-of-year testing, got the dog scheduled to be groomed (and not a moment too soon, I might add!), got ear candles for Faith (she’s been suffering from an earache, the candles seem to have helped some) got my checkbook balanced, look into an SAT Prep class for Kendall, renewed our membership to North Carolinians for Home Education. . . on and on!  And I still have a ton of stuff to do tomorrow, but I think I’m on a roll now, LOL!

I am finally going to order blinds for Alex’s and Kendall’s rooms and for their bathroom.  After three years of being here, I guess it’s way overdue.  At least Kendall tells me it is!  He seems to have developed some weird aversion to early morning sunlight.  Best I can tell, it’s hereditary, because I don’t care for it, either!

I am disappointed that I forgot about the scrapbooking class at the church tonight.  It totally slipped my mind!  But I’ve got the next one scheduled in my PDA, complete with alarm, so I should be good.

Took Kendall and his girlfriend to the concert Sunday night.  I wasn’t all that impressed, but they really enjoyed it.  I think I might have been happier about it if I hadn’t had to stand in the rain for almost an hour before we could get in, because they were running metal detectors over every single person who went in!  That was new to me.

Victoria managed to get ahold of some food coloring this morning while I was out with Faith, and she got it all over the carpet in the Great Room and Faith’s bedroom.  I haven’t gotten it all out yet, but I am determined, and I will!

Only about three more weeks until Michael moves out, and then Amber will be moving downstairs.  So, Faith and I are going to be going wallpaper shopping for her bedroom.  She is really looking forward to having her room back to herself, and we are going to really decorate it nicely for her.  We are going to paint Alex’s room, too, and re-do Kendall’s room.  Hopefully by the end of the year we will be able to get them all new bedroom furniture.  Kendall wants a futon, and Alex wants this bed-desk combo thing (it really does look very cool) and Faith wants a daybed.  One thing at a time!

Well, I’ve got a few other things to tend to tonight before I go to bed, so I guess I’ll close for now.  The weather was fantastic today, almost 70 degrees, and sunny!  I could really use more days like this!

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