Well, I am up in Indiana with a friend who needs me to be a character witness for him in court tomorrow!  Kendall and I are going to be available to be called to the witness stand to speak on his behalf.  There is the possibility that we might not get to testify, but just in case, we are ready.  It is my sincere prayer that he will be able to bring his son home with him after this.  I am going to say a rosary tonight for his family.  I think a prayer to St. Jude is in order, too.

Our house is coming along well.  We have footers, basement walls, and the basement plumbing done.  If all goes as planned, they will come Tuesday to pour the foundation slab, and I think things will really start to move along after that.  I have an appointment Monday to go and talk to an interior designer about my kitchen, and we’ll probably discuss bathrooms, too.  I want to spend the bulk of our money in the kitchen and master bath, the other bathrooms don’t need to be as "luxurioius", LOL!

Soooo. . . all-in-all, things are going really well.  Everyone has been sick really early this year with the bronchial chest stuff, so hopefully we will be done for the year (season?) and not have to do our yearly ordeal with it in Jan/Feb.

Random note:  there are a TON of really cute shops up here, and I really wish we had time to go check them all out and do a little shopping.  But apparently we are leaving as soon as court is over to head down to Kentucky so the boys can do some rock-climbing.  But that should give me some more time alone, and that will be nice.  Tonight I get my own room, and the guys all have their own room.  That’s nice, too.

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