"It’s about managing all of those choices without feeling badly about rejecting some of them.  I had to reorganize my priorities, really. (Meg Ryan)

I am NOT a morning person.  I don’t fully come to life until late afternoon.  Doesn’t matter what time of year it is, how much sleep I get the night before, or anything like that.  Everyone told me that after I had children it would change.  Nope!  I still hate mornings.

But I still have to wake up in the mornings.  We don’t start our homeschool days at 7:00 am like so many other families I’ve read about, but I do like to be going by 9:00 or 10:00.  Then we stand a chance of being done early enough for the kids to have plenty of play time in the afternoons.

So, I have a morning schedule.  Well, more like a routine.  I drag myself out of the bed, crawl downstairs and get myself a cup of coffee.  Then I come straight to my computer and check my comics (Close to Home, For Better or For Worse, Garfield) and read my email.  Usually I find myself reading all the emails that are trying to sell me something.  Not spam, stuff I’ve actually subscribed to, like Pottery Barn, or Coldwater Creek.  Stuff I usually cannot afford, but love to look at.  Sometimes something will catch my interest and I’ll actually click the link and give it a closer examination.

Then we muddle through breakfast (the kids know not to bother me until after my first cup of Java) and get started on school.  Sometime around late morning, right before lunch, I find time to read my Daily Guideposts, and if I’m feeling really industrious, I’ll read the Morning Prayer in my Magnificat magazine, and possibly even the Mass Readings for the day.  But I’m already well into my day by then.

Now, I’ve always heard that one should start their day ‘bathed in prayer’, but somehow I have convinced myself that I am not awake enough to accomplish this first thing in the morning.  But this morning, as I was staring at information on Toyota Avalons (which I am considering buying) it dawned on me that I could just as easily stare at daily prayers, readings, and devotionals.

Yeah, I might not get the full impact at that point, but maybe it would sink in enough to make a difference in my day.  I mean, I might not be able to utter profound or even intelligible prayers at that point, but I can absorb Godly information, right?  And that can’t be a bad thing!

So I think my goal for today is to try to find some Daily Reading stuff that can be sent to my Inbox.  I know there are some really great websites out there that have that sort of stuff.  I think I’ll check CatholicMom.com first.

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