Easter was wonderful.  I didn’t get the opportunity to post anything for the celebration itself, which I regret, but it was wonderful.  We attended the Easter Vigil Mass, and some friends came along.  Even though it is the longest Mass of the Liturgical Year, they all seemed to enjoy it very much.  (Okay, one of Kendall’s friends was mostly fascinated at the discovery that we use real wine for communion, but other than that. . .) It is an awesome thing to me, how much fulfillment and peace we all get from attending such an awesome service.  The Church has so much to offer, and we take advantage of so little.

We have had a devastating cold snap, which has killed almost all of the leaves on the trees, and the apple crops and strawberry crops were destroyed.  It has been difficult for me, personally, because I feel such a surge of hope and excitement when the leaves start to come out in the Spring.  It is really disheartening to look outside and see death again.  I am trusting that this is not going to last, that the trees will bear more beautiful green leaves, and soon.

Kendall flew to Ohio today to spend some time with a close friend in Seminary up there.  (Pontifical College Josephinum) He called to check in, and said the campus and everything there is truly beautiful.  Everyone has given him a really warm welcome, and he is looking forward to the rest of his stay.

Alex will be starting Driver’s Ed next Thursday.  Yes, he really is old enough.  No, we’re really not ready for him to be driving, but he is excited and ready enough to make up for the rest of us!  He is taller than me now, and his voice has changed, and he gets love letters from girls now.  So I guess it’s time.  *sigh*

Faith is ready for camp.  Camp doesn’t start until June, but she’s ready to buy a trunk and start packing her bags! I am glad she’s excited.  She will be going to the sister camp of the all-boy camp Alex went to last summer, and he will also be returning.  They will be gone for two weeks!  Maybe that will be enough time to clean their bedrooms??

On a very sad note:  my computer died.  I had to take it in today to be fixed, and am not sure when I will see it again.  I am embarrassingly dependent on my computer, and to my great dismay, my whole house seems empty and barren without it.  (My mother is starting to make noises about how this is a good thing, but I’m ignoring her!!)  Obviously, I have computer and internet access, via Gaylon’s computer (else I would not be able to type out this post!) but I really need my own computer back, in order to be able to finish working on the Henderson County Homeschool Association’s Yearbook.  My computer has the necessary memory, etc. to be able to handle large amounts of graphics, so I really don’t want to even try to load all of that stuff onto anyone else’s computer.

So, instead of spending time on my computer doing all the mindless things I love and can get so lost in, I have been crocheting another afghan.  This one has several different stitches in it, and is much more challenging than anything I’ve made before.  Okay, I doubt anyone cares, really, but it makes me happy, and keeps my brain active.

Next on my list of things to give my attention to:  Alex will be confirmed on the 5th of next month, and we will be having a party for him that afternoon.  Then, on June 9th, Kendall will be graduating.  There will be a Graduation Mass with a reception following at the Basilica of St. Lawrence in Asheville.  And, of course, we will be having a party for him that evening.  So, lots of things to do, lots of things to think about and plan.  I think that means life is good!

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