This is our 14th year of Homeschooling.  It started out very simply, and has always been, for the most part, a lot of fun.  Homeschooling is so much a part of our lives that none of us can imagine doing it any other way.  And I am so grateful for the freedom we have to teach our kids at home and spend the time we get to spend with them. In the beginning, a lot of people had their doubts about our choice.  We were suspected of trying to shelter our kids from the ‘real world’.  Maybe so.  But there were a lot of other really good reasons, as well.

I have two teenage boys.  Kendall is 18 and in college.  Alex is 15, and is a High School Sophomore this year.  Our sons are our friends.  Both of them love to spend time with us.  We have never had the teenage ‘rebellion’ issues that so many people talk about.  Our boys come to us for advice, and they listen.  I heard Kendall tell someone the other day that I am still one of his best friends!  And Alex informed me that I am one of the sweetest most generous people he knows. Wow.  We are blessed to have exceptional children.  We are doubly blessed to have such close relationships with them.

When our kids were little, we had people tell us "Just wait.  Your kids will hate you, too. You’ll see.  Homeschooling won’t prevent it."  Honestly, I don’t know if homeschooling prevented it or not.  I’m pretty sure God had something to do with it. All I know for sure is that it’s been prevented.  And Gaylon and I are really grateful.  I know we haven’t done everything ‘right’.  I’ve often joked and said Kendall was our science project, and that instead of saving for our kids’ college funds, we were setting money aside for their therapy!  But all joking aside, I’m proud of both of them more than I can express.  They are amazing young men, with hearts for God.  And Faith is such a delightful young lady.  I learn so much from all of my children; they are my heroes.

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