Chief of Convicts??? 
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I love living in a small town!  We had our 1st Annual Halloween Stroll tonight, and it was soooo much fun!  The kids made out like bandits with the candy, and we saw just about everyone we know downtown.  Our Chief of Police is a delightful woman, and I just had to post this picture of her costume! 

I have lots of wonderful pictures on my Flickr Account.  We really do live in Mayberry!!  Our town reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting, and I love it! To get to my Flickr Account, just click on the picture, and it’ll take you there.  And, if you have your own Flickr Account, I’ll add you to my contacts, and you can see all the photos I’ve marked "Private" (like the ones of the play, Peter Pan).  The accounts are free, btw.

Okay, now that I’ve put in my little promotional plug, I’m done!  I hope everyone had a delightful and safe Halloween!  Now. . . looking forward to Thanksgiving (after the Company Picnic, The Homeschool International Fair, The Homeschool Thanksgiving Feast, and the Saluda Turkey Dinner).

Happy Haunting!

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