We have not had a really good snow here in almost ten years, and I’m probably reaching calling last night’s snow ‘a good snow’. So, when it started snowing around 9:00 last night, and kept it up til dawn, I had to run out and take as many pictures as I could! Then my battery died. They are actually calling for more snow on Saturday, which is unusual. We all take a wait-and-see attitude with that. I am praying it won’t be too bad, since Alex is riding a bus and Kendall will be driving his car up to D.C. this weekend. (More on that in a future post!)

Snow Bunnyu
This is really not a lost Russian child. . . it’s Faith! But you gotta love the hat! 😉

Field Across the Street
This is the field across the street from our house.
Country Road
This is the road behind our house.

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