My kids and I often use Instant Messenger for an intercom system. I will IM them to let them know it’s time for dinner, or whatever. It works really well. So, the other day, I was on my computer, and Faith IM’d me to let me know she’d sent me an email. And we were sort of chatting back and forth via the computer, even though she was just one room away.

After a bit, there was a lull in the ‘conversation’, but I didn’t really notice, because I was busy working on something. Next thing I know, she messages me with this bit of information:

“Sorry, I existentially shut down the IM window!”

Long pause, while I try to wrap my brain around the fact that my 10 year old daughter, who has always had spelling issues, has just used the word “existentially”, and spelled it correctly! What could this mean????

So, I finally message her back and asked if she meant “accidentally”? It turns out that, yes, that was what she meant. But it begs the question: did she really shut that IM window down, or did it just seem like she did, in some parallel universe? I still have to laugh to myself when I think about it. 😀

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