into your way of peace

what does it take?
create in me a new heart,
renew my mind and
make me holy
like you, O Lord!

i have hidden in the valleys,
haunted by my guilt
never daring to seek the Light;
telling myself it was enough
to remember the warmth,
clutching hollow memories
of who I used to be.

and yet you saw me,
crouching in the shadow of the Cross
collecting your tears
to mix with my wine.
you looked down on me
in love and compassion
and suddenly I knew
i could yet ascend
the mountain of the Lord
and stand before your gates!

all I have to offer
are your own tears,
nothing of my own has value.
i have treasured them
all this time
wrapped up in my heart,
a hopeful fountain of grace.
praying that someday
the shadows would lift, and
your dawn from on high
would indeed break upon my darkness
and guide my feet
into your way of peace.

(Scripture References: Psalm 24 and Luke 1:68-79)

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