We had a really big thunderstorm tonight. While it was still raining, and the sun was just barely beginning to glow behind the clouds, the most magnificent rainbow I’ve ever seen emerged across the entire sky! It was so big I could not capture all of it in one photograph! But I tried. I ran outside, in the cold and blustery rain, and stood out there like a crazy person pointing my camera into the sky. It was truly the most beautiful and bright rainbow I’ve ever seen!

And there are a couple of analogies I’d like to make here. First, I would have never seen it if my friend, Lisa, hadn’t called me to tell me about it. Sometimes, I would completely miss God if it wasn’t for my friends helping me out. Second, the storm was not completely over. It was still raining, the wind was still blowing. But at the sight of that glorious rainbow, the storm was forgotten, and nothing else mattered. God was in the storm.

Double Rainbow Across the Sky Beautiful Double Rainbow Rainbow Behind the Trees

I do not believe it is an accident that God placed His first rainbow in the sky as a promise to us. Every time I see a rainbow, I think of God, and of how much He loves all of us. I am reminded that He is even more glorious and magnificent than any rainbow, and that it is a symbol of His faithfulness. The storm does not have to be over before we find God. Even in the storm, that rainbow outshone everything around it. And isn’t that just like God?

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