Lent is a season of great reflection for me. In fact, Lent is my favorite of all the Liturgical seasons.  I think it is because the daily readings and meditations put me so much more in touch with not just my inner darkness and sinfulness, making me very aware of how much I need mercy and forgiveness, but because they lead me very clearly and gently to God, the only real source of them.

I think that this year, more than ever before, I have become amazingly aware of how much God has extended His mercy to me, of how much He has forgiven me.  For whatever reason, that has never been something that has been very tangible to me in the past.  Perhaps it is because of the Bible study I am doing on holiness. Or maybe it’s due to the fact that I’m getting older. Perhaps it is because I have managed to prune some of the major chaos out of my life, making it much easier for me to find God.  The more ‘static’ I have in my daily world, the harder it is for me to hear God’s voice.  I have a lot less ‘static’ than I used to.

I don’t mean I’m not busy.  I am as busy as ever, if not more so.  But when I am busy with things that serve God, those things don’t tend to stress me out and distract me from Him.  I have found not only the time, but the desire to read the daily readings, to meditate on the writings of the Saints and the Early Church Fathers.  Without fail, those things give me energy and enthusiasm for not only God and my Faith, but my daily life. I am empowered with repentance, the only prerequisite for receiving that mercy and forgiveness.

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