Our Girl Scout troop is working on the ‘My Heritage’ badge. One of the activities is to create some sort of presentation about your family heritage. Our troop is planning on making a scrapbook page at our next meeting, so each girl will have a special keepsake about her own family. In the process of planning for this meeting, our wonderful troop leader, Christy, found a free software program, available for download, for creating and keeping track of a Family Tree. She inspired me to do some digging of my own, and I discovered that a program I paid around $50 for a couple of years ago is also now available for free.

So, I thought I would share the sites, in case anyone would love to start working on their family tree, but didn’t want to pay for software.

The site Christy found looks really great: MyHeritage.com. They have lots of cool stuff on their site to help you out. The program I used to use that is now free is called FamilyTreeLegends. They also have some neat stuff on their site, and both programs do ‘smart matching’ where, if anyone else is using their software and has the same information as you, the program will notify you, and hopefully connect you with someone else who is working on the same family as you are! And, if you just feel happier buying a software program, I still recommend RootsMagic! (See my Genealogy Page for more information on this program!)

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