I am very excited to be headed down to Georgia in the morning to do a bit of research. 😀 My mother’s great-grandmother was Eulalie Boggs, and her family was from Oglethorpe County, Georgia. My mission tomorrow and the next day is to dig up documentation that will help me take the family back

Eulalie Boggs Scott (1869-1909)

Eulalie Boggs Scott (1869-1909)

a generation or two more. I think my chances are better than average, since the street one block off of Main Street is Lexington, Georgia is named (are you ready??) Boggs Street! If nothing else I can take a picture of the street sign for the scrapbook, right?

I am proud to say that Eulalie’s father, Choang T. Boggs was a Sergeant-Major in the Confederate Army. 1st Georgia Regulars, Company H. After the war, he was a School Teacher. They left Georgia sometime after 1880 and moved to Ouachita County, Arkansas. It was here that young Eulalie met her future husband, Armstead Lee Scott, who would eventually move her to Texas.

I am looking forward to my trip very much for several reasons. One, it has been quite a few years since I’ve been able to spend a couple of afternoons poking around in dusty old archives. I love that! Two, it will be gloriously Spring down in good ol’ Oglethorpe County, GA. It’s been a bit nippy up here, and I’m looking forward to the warmth. Furthermore, my friend Lisa is going with me! She is planning on studying and writing some sort of paper for her nursing class while I poke around in ancient probate records. But, come evening, we will have a wonderful time, I’m sure! It’s always more fun to have a traveling companion. It will be a nice working break for both of us!

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