We thought we would
Be young forever;
Thirty days to eternity
And we could wear a fist.
We would give it all away
Just to keep it.

There were no limits
To the dreams we shared
Over tables flowing with coffee.
While we learned about love
As the smoke of our cigarettes
Swirled around our laughter.

I can still see the river
Smoky green and fast
Through the knotted oaks.
I can smell the smoke
Of campfire guitars
And breakfast burritos.

I can still remember
Burning summers
In a small gray room.
I can still feel
The closeness of midnight talks
And Led Zeppelin mornings.

We never thought it could end,
That any of us would ever grow old,
And we would all still be together
For the next campout.
Yes, it would last forever
And none of us would ever die.

~Camp Ben McCullough: Austin Campout~Almost Heaven~

Written in Memory of Steve McAllister, Norman Allen, Kim Settle and so many others. . . with special gratitude to Stewart & Sara Sroufe.

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