Pippin in Kendall’s Hands
Originally uploaded by Morningtower

Last Monday, Gaylon found something small, gray and furry in a box of garbage at work. It turned out to be an abandoned kitten! So, we brought him home, and I’ve been bottle feeding him. He opened his eyes Sunday, and so he was apparently about 3 days old when we got him. He is the sweetest, most precious little thing!

I named him Pippin, and he is going to be my cat. (Everybody else already had their own cat.) That has not kept anybody else from loving him, though. 🙂 Gaylon, Mom, Kendall, Lishi, and of course, Faith, are all as stupid over this little guy as I am.

Anyway, he is delightful, and growing like crazy. Lishi has been having a wonderful time taking awesome pictures of him. So yeah, I’m in love!

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