Pippin is still doing really well! He has quadrupled in size and he is really starting to act like a kitten now. He has teeth now, which he is ever ready to test out on my hands or arms. He is teething like crazy! He also spends a lot of his awake time wrestling with the little toy cats and dogs that Faith loaned to him as surrogate litter mates! Best we can tell, he’s winning most of those battles. 😀

Next week (or possibly as early as this weekend) I am going to start weaning him. He is adorable, but I am getting very tired from staying up really late and getting up really early to feed him. Wow. . . I really cannot believe I have been bottle feeding a tiny kitten for over two weeks. I am so glad I’ve had help. Faith, Lishi and Mom have been terrific! Gaylon tries to feed him, too, but generally Pippin won’t eat from him.

At any rate, I was so worried when we got him that he wouldn’t make it, because I’m just not good at the whole bottle feeding thing, with human babies, never mind kittens! So I thought it was worth announcing that he’s doing great!

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