Bright-eyed Pippin
Originally uploaded by Morningtower

Well, I am finally a successful “Mama Kitty”! I have to give a lot of credit to my friend, Martha Jean, who gave me lots of support and advice along the way. Friday, I started working on switching Pippin over from the bottle to ‘real’ kitten food. At first, he didn’t want any part of this plan, and would totally turn his nose up at the food I was offering. I ended up having to smear some of it into his paws, which he then licked off. That got the taste of it to him, and from there the rest was a lot easier. I did have to hold him and the bowl for the first couple of meals, because Pippin is apparently a creature of habit and comfort, but he now has no trouble eating from his bowl on the floor. Now, he eats four full meals a day, from his little kitty bowl. 🙂

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