I have not been able to find a desk I like (for a reasonable price, anyway) since my last desk burned. Desks are so important, if they are organized well, they have everything you could possibly need at arm’s length, with the exception of maybe an icebox!

So, what is up with the Drawerless Desk? Everywhere I looked, in stores, catalogs and online, the majority of desks available today don’t have any drawers! At what point did we suddenly cease to need a place to hide pens, scissors, erasers and such? Drawers are the unparalleled masters or organization. Within a drawer, so many tiny, but very useful and important items can be discreetly kept. Yet, someone, somewhere, has seemingly declared drawers anathema!

Yes, I remember the environmental fantasy back in the 1980’s about the “Paperless Office”. Everyone was so excited about computers replacing the timeless need for pen, paper and ink. But the paperless office has not come to pass. I sometimes wonder if we don’t waste more paper now, since we need only press a few keys or make a few mouse clicks to change a document, then print it again to see if it looks any better.

But, I digress. I finally found a desk that has everything I love: drawers, cubby holes, a bulletin board, and lots of room to sprawl out on the top. It even has these neat little filing slots, where I can file all sorts of genealogy records and notes, instead of stacking them haphazardly at the edge of my desk. I don’t think I’ve been this comfy with a desk since The Fire. 😀

New Desk

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