I am beginning to understand why cats are said to have nine lives. It’s bad enough that Gaylon found Pippin in a box of garbage on a snowy day. But last Thursday, the little guy fell off of our balcony, onto the stairs! That is about an eight foot drop, onto hard wood. He is okay, but he was really tender and bruised for a day or two. It upset him a lot, and he didn’t move much for a few hours. I was so scared he was going to die, and I just sat on the floor with him and cried.

Two days later, I noticed he was no longer attacking my feet, (he likes to ‘stalk’ me while I read email) and when I went to look for him, I found that he had nearly hanged himself with a rope drawstring on a bag in our bathroom! He was just sitting there next to the bag, looking very pitiful, with a ‘noose’ around his little neck. Again, he is okay, but by my calculations, he’s down at least a couple of those nine lives!

I have had many cats in my life, and never before have I had one to get into so much trouble! But he is so cute and adorable, so I have to forgive him. 🙂

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