I guess my favorite movie, ever, is “What’s Up Doc?” starring Ryan O’Neal and Barbara Streisand. So, since tonight was the kids’ last night before going off to camp for two weeks, we decided to make a Family Night of it.  I made lasagna (one of the few foods everyone in our family loves) and we watched “What’s Up Doc?”.

Movies with lots of explosions and bloodshed and foul language really turn me off.  (Well, I did really love Iron Man, which was heavy on the explosion side of things, but who can not like Tony Stark?)  I love movies that make me laugh and forget about reality for a while.  “What’s Up Doc?” is the ultimate romantic madcap comedy.  It’s an old one. . . it came out in 1972.  But it’s a classic.  It is especially enjoyable for me because I love Humphrey Bogart movies, and this movie spoofs a lot of his old flicks, in particular Casablanca and To Have and Have Not.

My favorite part of it is the “Chase Scene”. It is reminiscent of the Keystone Cops, in a way.  Yes, it’s very campy, and really predictable, but that’s part of the fun.  I’ve probably watched this movie more than fifty times, and every time I laugh like crazy.  We all do!

So. . . if you are looking for a really great movie to watch with your family, I highly recommend this one.  It’s even rated ‘G’!!

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