So we took the kids to camp last Saturday!  You would think it would be nice and quiet around here, but so far, that’s not really been the case.  We  had people here working on the rock on our front porch, we have a guy here painting Alex’s and Faith’s rooms (which will be a total suprise for them when they come home next weekend!), we’ve had a jewelry party.  We’ve been BUSY!

But finally, today, Gaylon and I are getting away. 😀  We are headed for Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a weekend alone.  Tonight we are going to stay up late and watch their famous Midnight 4th of July Parade.  Tomorrow, we thought it would be a lot of fun to spend the 4th at Dollywood, where patriotism is still alive and thriving!  Saturday we are going hiking in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  In fact, we may do a bit of that this afternoon and Sunday afternoon.  The rest of our time we are just going to chill.

Alex and Faith seem to be having a terrific time at camp.  Faith goes to Camp Merri-Mac for Girls, and Alex goes to Camp Timberlake for boys.  The two camps share the property, but all of their activities are seperate.  I’ve had a lot of people ask me if it’s ‘Bible Camp’.  No.  They do devotionals every morning, and on Sundays they have a service.  They also provide transportation for their Catholic campers to go to Mass.  But the best way to describe their camps is to say that they are like on ‘Parent Trap’.  They have lots of activites, like horseback riding, rock climbing, kayaking, archery, riflery, soccer, art, gymnastics, fencing, and Alex’s personal favorite: paintball!

They also have Indian tribes that all of the new campers are initiated into the first day of camp each year.  Alex and Faith are both Iroquois.  The other tribes are Seminole (for boys and girls) and Choctaw (girls only).  When I was a kid, I went to camp at Heart O’ The Hills Girls Camp down in Hunt, Texas.  It was really similar, except it was only girls on the property, and our Indian tribes were Pawnee and Shawnee.

So, I’m off to pack!

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