Apple IIe

Roughly 21 years ago I bought my first computer.  It was a Franklin, and I loved it!  Back in those days, you had four types of Personal Computers: 1. Apples 2. Apple-compatible computers 3. IBMs 4. IBM-compatible computers.  Unless you worked for the Government, in which case you had some monster-looking thing off of the X-Files.  Anyway, a Franklin was an “Apple-compatible” computer. I ordered it from the Sears catalog, because it was a couple hundred dollars cheaper than a ‘real’ Apple,and I had a Sears Card.  A few years later, I had a bit more money, and I went out and got myself a real, live Apple IIe.  And, I loved it.  With all my little computer-obsessed heart.  It was big, bulky and ugly, especially by today’s standards, but I was totally enamored.

But, alas!  A couple years more, and Microsoft Released it’s first version of Windows.  I think it was “Windows Neolithic” or something along those lines!! 😉  Anyway, Gaylon got one at work, and he convinced me that I should get one, too.  I hated to give up on my trusty little Apple, but Windows did, indeed, look promising.

Fast-forward to, oh, any time after 2000, A.D. It slowly began to dawn on me (yes, I am a very, very slow learner!) that I’d been had.  Windows is a Microsoft product, and as such, it can do nothing but dig ever deeper into your pockets to suck you dry right before it crashes.  You have to buy endless anti-virus programs and anti-spyware programs and they never completely work, anyway.  And you have to update them every year. I’m not going to get on my soapbox right now about how much I dislike Microsoft, but suffice it to say that for about 3 years now, I have been secretly lusting after a Macintosh computer.  Well, maybe not so secretly, but definitely lusting!


Macintosh computers are stable.  You don’t need software for viruses and spyware.  They don’t crash for reasons unknown to everyone in the known universe except for Microsoft and “The Mother Ship”. So, today, I finally got a MacBook!  I have finally gone back to my first love, and I am thrilled.  I am having to learn so many new things, but I don’t mind.  I probably shouldn’t mention this, but it made me laugh, so I will:  the last time I owned an Apple Computer, nobody had Internet!!!  (Except the Pentagon).  Seriously, it’s been that long, and I guess that means that I’m that old!  Now, I have so many new toys to play with on my new computer!  I’m going to be very busy for a while. . . .

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