I have Yahoo! set up for my homepage.  Mainly because I can set it up with my favorite comic strips, so I can read them first thing every morning, while I drink my coffee and try to reconnect my brain. I also have Headline News on there, and other various stuff.

So, I fire up the ol’ internet today to be greeted with the information that Iran is testing missiles, which, amazingly, is ‘heightening tension in the West’. (I think the term Dave Barry used a couple of years ago to describe the usual state of mind for the average American was not “tense” but “butt-puckering terror”.) The news blurb went on to explain that Iranian officials are only playing “war games”, in response to actions taken, apparently, by the U.S. and Israel.  In other news, Police and gunmen were killed in Istanbul, and Russia and Poland are both discussing (albeit from different ends of the spectrum) a U.S. missile defense shield.  But none of this is really “news” to me.  For as long as I can remember there have been “wars and rumors of wars”. The news headline that blows my mind is this:  “Fashion bug: Teens turn dead cicadas into jewelry“.

Wow.  Now there are some teenagers who really have their heads on straight!  Apparently Sandwich, Massachusetts, was swarmed with cicadas, and they are using these free resources wisely.  For only $10.00, you too could own a set of earrings or a necklace crafted with a dead bug!!

And to think I was disturbed by the thought of crazy middle-eastern fanatics wielding missiles.

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