We went to the North Carolina 4-H State Congress in Raleigh this past Monday and Tuesday.  The Congress actually lasted all week, but we only needed to be there for those two days.  Alex and Faith both earned Silver Medals for their presentations! Since it was their first time to go to Congress, I think that’s really amazing!

Alex’s presentation was on “Oil In Our World”.  He explained what oil is, discussed some of its many, many uses (did you know that aspirin, heart valves and artificial limbs are all petroleum products??) and finally the concerns of oil, environmentally speaking.  Sadly, folks out here know absolutely nothing about oil or the oil industry, except what the liberal media tells them, so I don’t think the judges fully understood everything he said.  (Which is not to say he should have gotten a gold medal.  The girl who won that absolutely deserved it!  Her presentation was on debunking the global warming myth.  We loved it!)

Faith’s presentation was on Fireflies.  She did an awesome job discussing their habitat and range, their body parts, lifecycle and behaviors and even did a little section on “Fun with Fireflies” on how to attract them to your own yard and then study them.  Her presentation was called “Magical Fireflies”.

Both kids already have topics they plan to do for next year.  Alex wants to do Public Speaking, and speak on the Death Penalty.  Faith wants to discuss Global Warming vs. natural climatic changes, and she plans to learn how to create a Power Point presentation to use in lieu of posters.  To say that I am proud of them is an amazing understatement!

As a side note:  It was 105 degrees while we were in Raleigh!!!!!  It was awesome to get back here to the mountains and enjoy our 68 degree evenings and 83 degree afternoons.

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