While we were in Texas, one of the most exciting things I got to do was scan all of the pictures in a photo album belonging to my Aunt Bobbie. Her grandmother gave it to her mother 105 years ago!!!  I was very humbled that Bobbie let me take it and scan it, because I know how precious it is to her.  I felt like I was carrying the holy grail with me for the four brief hours it was in my possession.

My mom was actually the one to ask if we could get it and scan it, to preserve the pictures in it.  Bobbie said she didn’t mind, and she called her daughter-in-law, who was in town, to have her bring it to the hospital for us.  She didn’t want to bring it, but she did.  For some reason, she had the ridiculous idea that we were going to take the album all the way back to North Carolina with us, then mail it back to Texas!  There is NO WAY I would trust the USPS with something that valuable and precious!!  I’m not sure why she thought that, because we never said anything of the sort, but apparently she didn’t trust us with it at all.  Apparently the woman also didn’t understand why I would want such a thing, and asked Bobbie “What does she want with all of our family pictures?”

Wow.  Bobbie is my grandmother’s youngest sister.  That makes her family and my family the same family, last I checked!  Nevertheless, we got the album and scanned it and had it back to the hospital in record time.  The album is in amazingly good condition; in fact, it looks almost brand new!  The photographs are incredibly clear, for the most part.  Twelve of the photographs in it are tintypes!  I was worried they wouldn’t scan well, but they turned out fantastic!

To give a general idea of how awesome it is to have these pictures:  one of the pictures (a tintype) is of my great-great-great-great grandmother, Sarah Graham.  (Graham was her married name, I don’t actually know her maiden name . . .  yet!) This woman died in 1860!  So that photograph, at the very least, is 148 years old!!

What did I want with my family pictures?  Well, first and foremost, I wanted to preserve them.  Now that I have them on my computer, I can share them with others in the family who may be interested.  I also plan to create a book with all of those pictures, and add some newer pictures and some pedigree charts and family group sheets.  So, yeah, to put it very, very mildly, I am forever grateful to my Aunt Bobbie for letting me scan her photo album, and thrilled out of my mind to have the pictures!

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