Packaging is everything.  So, in an attempt to get folks excited about summer coming to an abrupt halt, and in the spirit of American Commercialism, everywhere we look these days there is some sign, poster, or advertisement that says “Back to School”.  I am too old to be fooled by such.  I know what those signs really mean:  “End of Summer”!  End of Freedom. Which, for as long as I can remember, I have dreaded.

Perhaps it is because I am a product of the public school system.  In public school, kids are expected, almost encouraged, to hate school.  They are segregated by age and sent through their days in assembly-line fashion, but expected to remember all the new information that is directed at them at least long enough to regurgitate it on an exam. School is often more like prison than a freeing and enlightening of the mind. But it is very effective in mass-producing students who cannot think for themselves.

We chose to begin homeschooling 14 years ago for many reasons, but they can almost all be boiled down to freedom of thought. As homeschoolers, our children are free to choose many of their topics of study, we can sleep late, or call a trip to the grocery store a field trip in economics and nutrition.  Homeschooling is, if nothing else, an exercise in freedom and enlightenment.  No wonder public school officials fear it so much.  We produce thinkers.  Homeschoolers not only think for themselves, they question and challenge.  They seek Truth.  In the socialistic setting of the public school, thinking is dangerous. Questioning and challenging are discouraged or even punished.

No wonder hordes of young men and women think Obama is such a great choice.  They were never trained to think, to question, to challenge.  They hear what he tells them, and, because they were trained by the public school system to accept what they are told as the gospel truth, they blindly believe he’s honest and can be trusted.  After all, he has a microphone, doesn’t he?  He’s using all the right buzzwords that they were programmed to get excited about: hope, change, belief. He looks and sounds like he means business.

So they never bother to check his voting record.  I wonder if they even know they can do such a thing.  They don’t bother to question his contributors’ motives.  Who is funding his campaign?  What do they stand for? Make no mistake: nobody is going to donate money to a political campaign if there’s nothing in it for them. Why do foreign investors think giving Obama millions of dollars is a good idea?  What are the changes he is promising?  And, if  he is able to actually implement them, what will that look like in real life?  What will be the long term effects of the changes he is proposing?  Can we even pinpoint exactly what those changes are?  The summer break mentality is not up to the task of choosing the next leader of the free world.  Our educational system has failed us by producing generations of people who cannot make educated, informed decisions.

As a nation, we cannot afford to take a ‘summer break’.  We must Think.  Question.  Challenge.  Seek Truth. These are skills and habits that should be employed all year round, for the rest of one’s life.  We cannot shelve our brains for the summer, or it truly will mean the end of the American Summer. The End of Freedom.

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