Okay, here are some very random thoughts that I have been chasing lately. I am in “rant mode”, so reader beware!

1.  Nancy Pelosi (and if you don’t know who she is, shame on you!) claims to be an “ardent, practicing Catholic”, yet she wants us to believe her when she says that the Catholic Church is not decisive regarding their stance on abortion? Pelosi Lies About Catholicism and Abortion Gimme a break!  The Catholic Church, from it’s earliest days (ca. 33 AD) has been adamantly opposed to abortion!!  This is a classic example of a politician trying to twist the truth to make her views seem acceptable.  Her own Archbishop was unable to turn a blind eye to this, after several other Archbishops made powerful public statements against her.  Too bad he didn’t confront her sooner.  Pelosi Agrees to Meet Archbishop

2.  I know it’s been a couple of weeks since the Republican National Convention, but this really bothers me.  What in the world has our society come to when mobs of people can abuse their right to peaceably assemble and attack people who simply disagree with with their beliefs???? Mass Arrests of Protestors at Republican National Convention Let me get this straight:  these are the same people who are so passionately against the war in Iraq, who are always going on about “tolerance”, and yet the minute they are faced with a group of people who simply disagree, they become an angry mob?????  What hypocrites!!!  And honestly, is it still safe for our children out on the streets, or in the public malls anymore?  What if they disagree with someone?  Will they be beaten to death by an angry mob of tolerant peacemongers???

Apparently the Liberals feel justified in violently lashing out at anyone who opposes them.  It would probably come as a huge shock to them that most Republicans oppose the war, as well.  I do.  But we are, generally speaking, able to see past the ends of our noses and cast our votes based on educated decisions, and realize that trying to negotiate peace with militant Muslims is a ridiculous exercise in futility. And we usually don’t find it necessary to physically assault those who disagree with us. Of course, we are talking about the same demographic of people who believe it’s perfectly okay to murder preborn children, so what, really, can we expect?

3.  For thousands of years, since the Fall in the Garden of Eden, there have been hurricanes on this planet.  Yet now, if there is a hurricane, gas stations think they can get away with hiking prices (read: GOUGING), even to the tune of $1 more per gallon?  Right. . . guess they’ll be explaining that one to the NC State Attorney General.  (And who wants to cross an AG named Roy Cooper???)  Gas Stations to be Subpeonaed in Gas Gouging Investigation

4.  And to round out my “Soapbox” today, I just want to get one last thing straight:  I am PROUD to be an American, a Christian, and a Conservative!  I am so sick and tired of trying not to offend anybody.  I do not blindly hold to any belief.  Everything I believe and stand for has come at some price.  I check my sources and don’t just believe something because I want to, or it sounds good, or it’s popular.

I remember years ago, my dad had forwarded an email poking fun at a liberal candidate (Gore, perhaps?) to one of his cousins, not realizing that his cousin was extremely liberal.  His cousin promptly emailed him back, rebuking Daddy for his email, and telling him that he proudly supported that candidate and to not send anymore such nonsense to him.  Well, Daddy thought about it for a minute, then sent one last email to his cousin.  It stated:  “Please forgive me.  I had no idea you were that stupid.  Love, Buddy.”  Needless to say, Daddy never heard from his cousin again.

Okay, I’m done for now.  Although I can feel some random ideas forming into at least a Category 3 Thought Storm regarding the endless foolishness of people who stay in the path of a hurricane and then feel resentful and neglected!  Stay tuned. . . .

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