Hi, everyone.  About a year ago I wrote about my friend Bonnie discovering that she had breast cancer.  Nothing could have been more shocking to all of us who know her, because Bonnie is the healthiest person any of us have ever met.  There is no history of breast cancer in her family.  She was raised on organic, whole foods.  She has never had a drop of alcohol in her life, and has not only never smoked, but has never even been around “second-hand” smoke!  She only uses natural remedies when she needs them, and, up until the cancer started really hurting, she had never even had an aspirin!  She doesn’t eat sugar, or any sort of junk food, ever.  And like I said, this is not something she started as an adult.  She grew up with this lifestyle!

Anyway, during the past year, she and her family have had to face many very tough decisions about her care and treatment.  They were finally ready to go talk to a surgeon at the beginning of this week, when Bonnie started suffering from excruciating headaches, nausea, dizziness and vomiting.  They did some tests and discovered that there are now spots in her brain.  So, radiation was begun.  Today, her oldest daughter posted the following note on Facebook, and as she asked us to share it with anyone who would pray, I am posting it here.

Please, please pray for Bonnie and her family.  They are very dear to so many of us.  Bonnie was my first friend in North Carolina, and I delivered her youngest child at home.  So, here’s Laura’s note:

Okay. In brief…

last night about 11:00pm Becky found my mom laying on the bathroom floor, confused and dazed. At 1am she fell out of bed due to a seizure. She was really restless for the rest of the night, still in a daze, and not acknowledging anyone or speaking anything intelligible. She had another seizure attack near 3, 5, and 6. In between these attacks, she was really, really restless. I don’t think there’s been one time since yesterday evening where she was coherent.

I went over there about 4am to let Becky get some rest, and we called an ambulance close to 7am. They took her to Pardee where they gave her a sedative and ran a CAT scan. The dr said that no swelling or hemorrhaging was showing up in her brain, and that this was a good thing. They also put her on a seizure medication to control the attacks. The dr thinks that the seizures are just a side effect of the radiation to her brain. They’re hoping that she’ll sleep now for 1-2 full days, giving the radiation time to work and shrink what swelling there is in the brain along with the cancer. He didn’t give any indication of what her state might be once she wakes up.

As of about 12, they’ve assigned her room 113, and were waiting for it to be ready.

Main things to pray for would be that God will give my mother peace and rest, and that He’ll guide the rest of us in the decisions up ahead.



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