They told me this would happen.  The older I get, the more things I don’t understand.  On the eve of this historic election, there are so many things I don’t understand, it makes my head spin.

For example, I don’t understand how anybody could even consider voting for Obama.  It’s not about his proposed policies.  I don’t like most of them, but that’s really not it.  How could you vote for someone who refuses to salute the American flag?  Someone who admits that he has attended flag burnings?????  This is America!!!  How in the world can a man who has no respect for the United States be running for the office of President??  Somebody please help me understand!!!

How can voters ignore the fact that Obama himself has repeatedly stated that he is willing to meet with the leaders of countries like Cuba and Venezuela, to name just two, whose leaders HATE the United States?  They have openly expressed their hatred, and their desire to annihilate us!  Yet Obama wants to meet with them?  To what end?  No good can come from such a meeting.  Yet people are pounding the pavement in support of this man.  I don’t get it!!!

How can anyone vote for someone who sat under the teaching of Jeremiah Wright for over twenty years?  Don’t they understand that Wright hates white people, and wants to kill all of us?  And if Obama was as close to this man as he says he was, doesn’t that mean he feels the same way about white people?  His wife, Michelle, makes no bones about her hatred and resentment of white people.  So can somebody please explain to me the thousands of white people who have donated millions of dollars to Obama?  Who are going door-to-door campaigning for him?

In fact, I don’t understand racism at all, from any angle.  There has never been any country in the history of the world that has had more opportunities for all people, white, black, brown, yellow, male, female, etc., than the United States of America has today.  Jeremiah Wright and Michelle Obama hate white people, and say that we have repressed them.  Yet, they are both very successful individuals.  Please don’t ever tell me that black people don’t have equal opportunity in this country!  If that were the case, we’d have never heard of Barack Obama, or Colin Powell, or Eddie Murphy or even Ludacris!  They are all millionaires, something this poor white girl will never be!!

Or how about this:  when our country was attacked on September 11, 2001, it unified us like nothing else since Pearl Harbor.  We collectively rose up against terrorism.  Yet, seven short years later, thousands of Americans are going to vote for a man who has extremely strong ties with William Ayers, a known terrorist?  Are their memories really that short?

And what about all the records about Obama that are being kept under lock and key, not the least of which is his birth certificate?  If he has nothing to hide, why in the world won’t he produce a legal birth certificate?  It sure seems to me that he doesn’t want the public to know the truth about it, and that’s a ‘red flag’ if I’ve ever seen one.

Barack Obama is the same extreme liberal who earned the distinction of having the most liberal voting record ever in the Senate.  He hasn’t changed; his “spin” has changed.  As campaigns draw closer to election days, all candidates move toward the middle of the political road, hoping to collect votes from those who just can’t swing to the far right or left.  But, fundamentally, they remain the same.

I will tell you what I do, however, understand very clearly:  if McCain is declared the winner, there will be riots.  Obama’s followers will not accept defeat gracefully.  They will riot, and it will be ugly.  I’m glad I don’t live in a big city.  My sleepy little town is full of retirees. But it will be very bad in the cities.  I hope I’m wrong.  We’ll see.

I also understand that if McCain wins, many “recounts” will be called.  It will be days before the final winner is decided.  And again, it will be ugly.

I am not voting for McCain. I must vote against Obama.  I don’t like McCain either, but at least he is an American.  And, no matter who wins this election, I will respect the Office of the President.  It doesn’t matter if you like the man or not.  You respect the Office.  Period.  And I will teach my children to do the same.  Back when Americans still had integrity and pride, that’s how it was done, and that is how my family will continue to do it.

I pray that, no matter who wins, he will be protected, and serve out his term in good health.  I pray that our country will find a way to restore some semblance of unity and balance, and that we will come out okay in the end.  I have to trust God, because I certainly can’t find anyone else worthy of my trust.

I will vote tomorrow, because I am an American.  Too many good men and women spilled their blood on this land for me to have the right to vote.  I will never dishonor them or their memory by not voting.  It is my duty and my honor.  And I will continue to pray.  God Bless America!

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