Gaylon has been in Texas for a week now, and as predicted, our lives have kept rushing right along. We all miss him, and can’t wait until he comes home for a vist.  But we have stayed very, very busy.  And that has been a good thing.

The week started out with getting back into the groove of homeschooling after the Christmas break.  Faith and I decided to jump back into the groove by erupting the volcano she built a few weeks ago.  Not as exciting as we’d hoped, but still fun. We also started working on taking down all the Christmas decorations.  I am not sure how we end up needing more totes every year!  But taking down three trees and tons of decorations is no small task, and it took all of us three days to get the job done. (Gaylon used to be in charge of this every year.  I think he planned this!)

My friends have kept me busy, as well. Saturday evening we had a 4-H Potluck at Marcia’s.  I though it was going to be on Sunday, but was very happy when she called to tell me they were waiting for me.  Faith and I headed straight out, and it turned out to be a lot more fun than sitting at home and feeling sorry for myself, which was my original plan.  My friend, Joanne, spent the afternoon over here last Sunday after Mass while our daughters played.  What a wonderful thing!  Then on Monday I got to have tea at Joy’s, along with several other ladies from our town, while we did a brief Bible Study.  Very relaxing.  Tuesday found us over at Bonnie’s.  Her husband had emailed me and asked if I could come sort through all of her homeschooling materials and sell them for him.  I am glad to help, and it took two afternoons just to gather up all of the books and resources and bring them home.  It was great to see Bonnie’s family. . . I still can’t believe how much I miss her.  I’m not sure her death will ever become real to me.  And sorting through all of her homeschooling books brought back so many sweet memories. Yesterday, my friend Cindy came over and we drank tea and had a sweet visit.  Tonight we have a surprise birthday party to attend. And our weekend promises to be just as busy.  As does next week.

Gaylon has been keeping really busy out in Texas, too.  He has been enjoying his new job, where he gets treated well and enjoys the work.  He has also really been glad to get to spend time with his mom, Dorinda, who came in to help him get settled in her RV before she heads on to her next stop.  He has had a bit of trouble with cell phone signal, but that seems to be pretty much worked out now.

So I’m hoping time will fly, and Gaylon will be back with us before we know it.  We had our first house showing last Saturday, and although that couple didn’t decide to buy it, it was encouraging to know that there still are people out there house hunting.  Maybe the next potential buyers will buy it.

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