I have had my own website for almost five years now. Not long after I published my first website (Brooks Bunch of NC) I decided to start up a blog. I used Bravenet for a couple of years, then switched over to Typepad, and ultimately Gaylon convinced me to get my own domain and I started using WordPress here, which I really do like. Why am I telling you this? To make the point that before MySpace, and before Facebook, I had a website!! My own website, and I didn’t use a template, I wrote the code myself. I confess, I’m an internet snob.

But everyone told me I needed to get on MySpace, so I did. And it’s okay, but it really is, for the most part, for kids. There are plenty of “grown-ups” on it, but it still has such a high school feel to it. And I would have loved something like that when I was in high school. I have to admit that I was offended when my brother found my MySpace and thought that was my website. Yeah, snobbery again.

Then I started hearing that Facebook was taking over the world, and that it was much better than MySpace. But I was pretty sure it was just for kids in high school and college. Until my cousin’s wife (Hi, Laura!) sent me an “invitation” to join FB. So, I thought I’d try it out. It made sense, since both of my boys have Facebook accounts, I could see what they were up to.

It was completely bewildering at first. But then, bit-by-bit, I starting finding friends there. The first real breakthrough was when a lot of my friends from our homeschool support group got on there. Then I started finding and being found by people I went to High School with. Most of them still look a whole lot better than I do, but it’s still cool to “talk” to them again. Some of them have posted a lot of old high school pictures. Wow. . .the 80’s really was the decade of the Fashion Rapist!!!

And now, my mom wants to get on Facebook! Wow. She is still email resistant, so I’m not sure how much she’ll get out of FB, but we’ll give it a go.

Now I have to go do school with Faith. . .which is always interesting. Yesterday I found her playing with an 8″ model of a human skeleton, putting erasers on it’s feet for shoes. Yeah. I’m thinking she was not really getting into that math test she was supposed to be doing! Today we’re going to study rocks and Ancient Greece, I think. Last week we spent the week learning how to do Power Point. It’s never dull! 🙂

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