Limbo –

n.   pl. lim·bos

  1. often Limbo Roman Catholic Church The abode of unbaptized but innocent or righteous souls, as those of infants or virtuous individuals who lived before the coming of Christ.
  2. A region or condition of oblivion or neglect: Management kept her promotion in limbo for months.
  3. A state or place of confinement.
  4. An intermediate place or state.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin (in) limbō, (in) Limbo, ablative of limbus, Limbo, from Latin, border.]

So, this is how I am feeling.  Like I am in Limbo.  Gaylon is in Texas, and we are in North Carolina, and the whole thing is just really surreal.  We love North Carolina, but we need to be where there is work.  And we really need to all be together again.  We are praying really hard that God will send a buyer really soon.  We know the economy is terrible (doesn’t take much more than a lab rat to figure that one out) but we also know that with God, all things are possible.  So, if anyone would like to pray in agreement with us that our home will sell really soon, we would appreciate it.

I promise to be more “upbeat” next time I post.

One more thing:  about Limbo.  “Limbo” is NOT an official Catholic dogma, just a popular belief.  The Church DOES NOT teach that unbaptized children don’t go to Heaven.  That’s why I crossed out the first definition of Limbo above. This post is not in any way meant to open up some weird discussion about theology.

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